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Honda Insight hybrid looking to capture Prius market

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Honda recently unveiled their answer to the wildly successful Toyota Prius: the 2010 Insight. Set to be released in mid 2009 for the 2010 model year, this hybrid should carry a price tag of $20k or less. Which would undercut the Prius by several thousand dollars in the lucrative hybrid market.

The car uses a less complex form of hybrid technology called IMA, that does not allow electric only operation, but utilizes a full time hybrid mode for increased efficiency. Sources at Honda say they aren’t interested in pursuing a plug in type electric car currently. “We’re not planning to make a pure battery-based electric vehicle,” a company rep said. “The next phase we see is the fuel-cell vehicle.”

Performance and mileage is expected to be similar to the current Civic hybrid at around 42 mpg. Will Honda dominate the hybrid market with the Insight? We’ll have to wait until 2010 to see, but it should be interesting.

Posted in Honda, Hybrids, Manufacturers by admin on 03|10|08
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Chrysler’s surprising new electric vehicle lineup

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In a major move to capture some of GM’s spotlight with the much hyped Volt, Chrysler announced today a whole lineup of electric and hybrid vehicles. The vehicles are set for release in 2010 and featured plug in hybrid technology with advanced lithium ion batteries. Chrysler has been developing these vehicles in relative secrecy and the project is progressing rapidly according to company executives.

The flagship of the line is the Dodge EV, a high performance sports car (think Tesla killer) with a all electric range of 150-200 miles. 0 to 60 times are less than 5 seconds. With looks reminiscent of the Dodge viper, but 0 gas onsumption, it should be a huge hit.

Possibly even more dramatic is Chrysler’s attempt to go after markets previously untapped for hybrids and electrics - families and off-roaders. They are releasing extended range electric versions of their popular minivans and Jeep 4×4s. Extended range allows for the first 40 miles to be all electric with an extended range of 400 miles on gas.

The Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van extended range electric. The minivan will retain all the standard features like popular stow and go seating.

The Jeep Wrangler EV. This extended range EV vehicle will feature 4 individual motors, 1 on each wheel which allows for more precise control of power and traction as well as energy savings.

Watch the full video of the product launch here

Posted in Chrysler, Electric, Honda, Hybrids, Hydrogen by admin on 23|09|08
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Honda CR-Z Sports Hybrid coming in 2009

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Honda is serious about capturing Toyota’s hybrid market share. They are also looking to break the mold of the boxy, stodgy hybrid with their new Honda CR-Z. The name stands for “Compact Renaissance Zero”, and is expected to be lightweight, sporty and fun hybrid. Word on the street is that Honda might have this car released in the US as early as 2009.

Full details from Honda here

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Posted in Honda, Hybrids by admin on 13|09|08
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Honda to relaunch Insight as cheapest hybrid

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Honda is planning on bringing back the Insight model, which was discountinued in 2006, now as a hybrid. The car could sell for only $18,500 which would be $3,500 lower than the wildley popular Toyota Prius.

View the AP article here

Posted in Honda, Hybrids by admin on 07|09|08
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Hydrogen powered Honda FCX Clarity now leasing

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Honda’s lease program of approximately 200 FCX Clarity is now underway in Southern California. The 3 year lease program has a price of $600 per month, which includes all maintenance. The zero emissions sedan is expected to be in high demand as more unit are rolled out.

Read about the program here

Posted in Honda, Hydrogen by admin on 06|09|08
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