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BG set to deliver electric cars this spring

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BG Automotive group is planning to start making deliveries of their neighborhood electric vehicle (NEVs) this spring. The fully electric vehicle comes standard with air conditioning, dual airbags, power steering/brakes, even an AM/FM/CD player with Ipod jack. The price starts at $16k.

Neighborhood electric vehicles are rated for a top speed of 45 mph, so they can’t be taken on the freeways in most states. But there is a high speed version in the works for 2010.

Posted in Electric by admin on 12|02|09
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Tesla ramping up production of Roadster

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In 2008 Tesla motors delivered 150 of its critically acclaimed Roadsters.   Even in the harsh economic conditions they plan on ramping up production in 2009.  They plan to increase the rate of production from 15 to 30 cars per week later in the year.

In other Tesla news:

  • Tesla plans to launch new service centers in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Seattle
  • Tesla will display their cars at an auto show for the first time at the North American International Auto Show.
  • They submitted loan applications for up to $400 million dollars in federal loans for their Model S car and to expand powertrain production.
  • After taking their roadshows to 5 cities in 2008 to allow drivers a chance to test the roadster, there are plans to expand the schedule in 2009.
Posted in Electric, Tesla by admin on 10|01|09
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Fisker to release new convertible electric

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Adding to their Karma model, Fisker has announced plans for a second luxury plug in electric car.  The Fisker Karma S or Sunset will be a convertible electric vehicle.  Both this model and the production model of the Karma will be displayed at the Detroit car show on January 12th.

From the press release:

“The Fisker Karma S will be powered by the Karma’s Q-DRIVE® powertrain, developed in cooperation with Quantum Technologies exclusively for Fisker Automotive.  Q-DRIVE® offers a 50 mile range on a single charge to its Lithium-Ion battery pack, and up to 408hp from two electric motors.”

Posted in Electric, Fisker by admin on 31|12|08
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First mass market electric car on sale in China

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The first widely released plug in electric car went on sale today in China. The BYD F3DM was officially presented in a ceremony in Shenzhen. The car retails for 149,800 yuan which is equivalent to $22,000 US dollars. BYD is the company that Warren Buffett invested heavily in this year. In addition to producing the cars, BYD also China’s biggest producer of battery and battery technology. The car is expected to be available in the US and Europe in 2010.

The range of the F3DM is 62 miles on full electric and also has a small gas powered range extender than kicks in after that. The battery can be fully charged in 7 hours, as well as a 50% quick charge in only 10 minutes from specialty charging station.

Posted in BYD, Electric by admin on 15|12|08
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Miles Electric Highway Speed sedan

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While the flashy startup Tesla gets most of the press for its all electric car, another California startup is close to releasing a plug in electric car. The company is Miles Electric, and the car is the Highway Speed sedan. The car is a “normal looking” 4 door sedan. It will have room for 5 passengers with ample trunk space. Luxury options like sunroof, electronic stability control, bluetooth, and GPS navigation will all be available. The company plans to offer an 8 year, 100,000 mile warranty.

Miles Electric claims the range of the car will be 100 miles on a single charge, and can be re-charged with a standard 220 volt appliance outlet. Power is provided by a 320 V Lithium Ion battery pack. The car should cruise at 80 mph and have a 0 to 60 time of 8.5 seconds. The price will be from $40,000-$45,000, which is right in the expected price of the Volt, and undercuts the Tesla S sedan by $20k.

The car can be charged from a 50% depletion to full in about 4-6 hours. But Miles is developing a fast charge system that would allow a full charge in 15-20 minutes. Current estimates for the cost of a full charge is $1.75.

When can you buy one? An official launch date is not yet announced, but Miles Electric plans to make the cars available for test drive in 4th quarter of 2009. The on sale date should be early 2010. The company hopes to sell 9,000 cars the first year and up to 30,000 in the following years.

Posted in Electric, General by admin on 04|12|08
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Hybrid Technolgies sells Super Car at Sams Club

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Hybrid Technologies, the electric vehicle development company that we profiled last month, has utilized a unique way to sell a car. On the Sam’s Club website. The car was sold as part of a “Once in a Lifetime Own the World’s Ultimate Electric Super Car Package“. The package included the first production model of their electric Super Car, as well as travel, hotel and racetrack time in Los Angeles. The package went on sale yesterday and sold only an hour later. It looks likely that Hybrid Technologies may use Sam’s Club to sell more of their cars as they go into full production.

You can view the Sam’s club sales page here

The all electric Super Car boasts a top speed of 150mph, 0 to 60 time of 5 seconds, and range of 200 miles.

Full specs for the Super Car here

Posted in Chevrolet, Electric by admin on 13|11|08
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Dean Kamen builds Stirling electric hybrid car

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Dean Kamen, the prolific inventor most famous for the iconic Segway, has been tinkering with hybrid electric cars. He now has built a prototype car that is listed on the registration as a 2008 DEKA Revolt. Based on the body of the discontinued Ford Think, the car uses lithium batteries and a revolutionary Stirling engine. The batteries power the car directly, while the Stirling engine powers secondary features like heating and defrosters. Then when the battery runs low, the Stirling will recharge the batteries and extend the range of the car. The car will go 60 miles on a single charge.

Kamen has never backed down from attempting to solve huge issues of the world, like clean water, electricity for developing countries and transportation. “The car is a step along the way to be able to build, in high volume, high-quality, low-cost electric generation for a couple billion people,” Kamen explained. He hopes to have the car in production in 2 years.

Will the DEKA Revolt make the worldwide impact on transportation that eluded Kamen with the Segway? Time will tell.

Posted in Electric, Hybrids by admin on 10|11|08
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AFS Trinity 150 MPG Plug in hybrid

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AFS TrinityPower is a small company with a history of big innovations. They have developed a plug-in hybrid technology that allows their test SUVS to achieve an equivalent of 150 MPG. The vehicles can go 40 miles in all electric mode, then unlimited miles in gas hybrid mode. The XH-150 Extreme Hybrid™ platform is currently operating in 2 prototype Saturn Vue vehicles. They hope to move the technology into commercial cars within 2-3 years. AFS Trinity is actively seeking government assistance to move forward with their research.

Here is a video of the XH-150 in action:

Posted in Electric, General by admin on 07|11|08
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Mini looking for 500 electric car drivers

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As we reported 2 weeks ago, BMW is making an electric version of their popular “Mini Cooper” car. Now more information is available about their lease program. They are keeping advertising of the program fairly low key so they don’t have to turn too many people away.

The lease is only available in at 8 dealerships in California, New York, and New Jersey. The car requires special technicians which are only located at this small number of locations. The lease will include all maintenance and parts.

Formal applications will be taken for a 3-4 week period starting mid November, and delivery of the car will be in January. The cost of the year long lease is still not determined, but expected to be in the $500-600 range.

Interested? You can contact MINI here

Posted in BMW, Electric by admin on 06|11|08
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Tesla secures a $40 million boost

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Tesla received a infusion of $40 million in convertible debt financing from its investors this week. The board approved the cash to speed up the manufacturing process of the Tesla Roadster.

“Forty million is significantly more than we need,” said Elon Musk, Tesla Chairman and CEO. He goes on to say “However, the board, investors and I felt it was important to have significant cash reserves.”

Not only will the money help with production, but they will also use the cash to expand Tesla’s electric powertrain supply business and future product development. Tesla, like every other car maker, has recently had some issues due to the economic downturn and credit crunch, but demand for their cars is still high.

Posted in Electric, Tesla by admin on 05|11|08
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