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A morning dawn cut through the night sk


2:29 am
July 7, 2018



posts 14


A morning dawn cut through the night sky; a lantern flew over the eaves; a couplet was attached to the wall; a new piece of clothing ran away from the closet; a sound of firecrackers rang through the sky; a piece of colorful clouds fluttered in the air; a burst of cheers please come out Day; a sentence oflebrate the Spring Festival. Looking forward to spring information. A spring breeze brings the aroma of the earth, and the melting ice and snow is exceptionally bright in the sun. Looking around, there is a dazzling redness everywhere, fullped in new clothes, strolling on the wide streets, the shops on both sides are almost closed, only a few big fans, a piece of beautifully packaged goods piled up in the door, making people dazzled. The streets are empty, clean and tidy, abandoning the hustle and bustle of the twelfth lunar month, the busy scenes of people and seas, and letting people stroll through the spring. A car, a car carrying joyous people, as well as a large package of rich new year goods,g to the slender and deep roadway, a pair of Spring Festival couplets are full of joy and fun; one by one Marlboro Menthol 100S, the word “Fu” is powerful and powerful. Most of these are “old age evening pavilions”, which is the most joyous and lively place in the “year”. When a motorized vehicle arrived Newport Cigarettes Price, the car was out of the spring breeze; most of the fans stood in front of the door. The car was empty, and a building was filled with laughter and laughter; the road was narrow, and the road was full r is strong and the strongest is midnight. The family sat around the dinner table and had a special meal for the year–night dinner. Our New Year's Eve is especially flavorful. What is the hard four plate, pork sauerkraut, all kinds of seasonal side dishes are filled with dinner tables. The family enjoyed a drink and shared their family Cheap Cigarettes. The red lantern glows softly and softly, so beautiful! In this beautiful reunion night, how beautiful the tens of thousands of beautiful lights will be! The table has already been set up in the living room. On the clean and transparent coffee table, it was taken up by a plate of dried fruits, fruits and sweets. The hosts in the TV set also wore beautiful red dresses, saying hi auspicious words, some serious cold ice. The program has also become a favorite of the Spring Festival Gonzo, which makes everyone happy. However, as soon as the 8:1 arrive, the audiovisual of thousands of households will become the same program, and the face will become the same. With the snow fluttering, listening to the ears, the New Year's footsteps are near. Looking forward to the east Carton Of Newports, there is a bright and bright day in the tunnel of time Carton Of Cigarettes, let us gently recruit him: New Year, hello! In the days when the three hundred and sixty-five were full of wind, frost and rain, we struggled. We have succeeded. We have failed. Our laughter and loss. Confusion and confusion have become incomparably beautiful memories. As Pushkin��s poem says: ��And the past will be inexplicable.�� Isn��t it? The New Year is the starting point of time, and New Year's Day is the first milestone of time. On this day, we are more about the future, the careers that are about to be completed, the upcoming opportunities and the bright prospects, are vaguely waving to us in front, and “tempting” us with mysterious dreams and endless happiness. Therefore, in our hearts, we have ignited our confidence and hope, we must not be exhausted and hurt, and we must turn our backs and turns. The New Year always comes at the coldest time of the year. However, “Winter is coming, will spring be far behind?” Yes, the countless poetic paintings are waiting for us to feel and describe: the lakeside morning with the sun shining, The trails filled with petals are at dusk, and the misty rain on the Qingshi Road in Jiangnan Lane, the wheat fields in the North and Xichun Winds…….. Yes, although the road ahead is still rough, the cold wind is still lingering. Whistling, but for the promises that have been made to myself in the heart, for the immortal hope and the beautiful ambiguity, we are still moving forward, standing on the white starting line of the New Year, toward tomorrow, towards the East. The red sun that rises in the round, let us fly the white pigeons in our hearts, and sincerely say a heart with a lily-like mood; New Year, hello! ! ! 

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