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Tesla S Sedan price released

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The CEO of Tesla motors, Elon Musk, released more details about the much anticipated Tesla S sedan. The sticker price will be $57,499, which is about half the price of the $109,000 Roadster model. The government tax credit for electric vehicles brings the price down to $49,999. “If you take into account the $10,000 to $15,000 you might spend on gas with a conventional car, the Model S drops to $34,000 to $39,000,” says Musk.

Tesla hopes to have a running prototype by the end of February 2009, and the production model should be ready in 2011.

Posted in General by admin on 10|12|08
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Tesla S 4 door sedan photos

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Tesla may have had some setbacks lately with the faltering economy, but they are pressing forward with their much anticipated 4 door model. The Tesla S (S for sedan) is now set to be released in 2011, and the company has started releasing teaser photos onto the Internet.

The new 4 door sedan is expected to have an impressive 240 mile all electric range with a 0 to 60 time of under 6 seconds. The price tag is set at $60,000.

Posted in Electric, Tesla by admin on 27|10|08
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Tesla not immune from credit crunch

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Tesla’s planned S sedan that we wrote about last month looks like it might be delayed 6 months. The horrible economic downturn is causing Tesla to go into capital preservation mode which includes possible layoffs and delays. The company was relying taxpayer backed loans to cover most of the development costs, and with those loans rapidly drying up, they may have to go to plan B for the “S” sedan.

Tesla still expects to make 15,000 sedans a year by the end of 2011. The US Dept. of Energy has approved a loan of $150 billion to Tesla which appears to still be on track. The 5 passenger sedan is expected to have a $60,000 price tag, much lower than the $110,000 Tesla Roadster.

Posted in Electric, Tesla by admin on 16|10|08
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Tesla to produce new sedan in San Jose factory

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Tesla is set to make a big splash with its introduction of a second car to their lineup - the Model S sedan. The plug in electric model will run on lithium-ion batteries and is said to have a range of 240 miles. If its anything like the critically acclaimed Roadster, it should have plenty of power. Arriving in late 2010, the sedan is set to have a price tag of $60,000, which is significantly cheaper than the Roadster.

The 89 acre facility should employ up to 1.000 green tech workers.

Read the full press release from Tesla here

Posted in Electric, Tesla by admin on 18|09|08
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